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“Happy hormones, uterus and ovaries” Meditation Explanation:

When the waves of premenstrual tension or mood changes of menopause hit us, it’s important to remember that these moments are gifts to wash away anything that we have stored within, which no longer serve us. When our reproductive organs present us with health issues, we can use these situations to discover more about ourselves. It is in accessing our inner most self, that we can truly experience the ocean of magnificence and wholeness of who we are.

Note: This is but one of the aspects of addressing menopausal and premenstrual mood symptoms from the perspective of the mind. It is also important to address the physiological aspects of these symptoms on the body and these can be discussed (assessed) further with your doctor.

Happy hormones, uterus and ovaries” Meditation:

Gratitude Meditation:

This is a meditation conducted by Dr Shivi Rayar on gratitude for the body, with beautiful inspiring music played by Pavan Kumar Hari. The meditation helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system through a focus on the breath in different areas of the body, helping to support the body in a state of rest and relaxation.

Monitoring your energy:

Nurturing through grief:

Healthy awareness during COVID-19:

Healthy Awareness during the COVID climate -an inner perspective

Back exercises:

What Lights you Up ? :

Sharing a little something of what I have done, in the hope that it inspires you to finding what lights you up too.
Introduction explaining 5 day “Having Fun Challenge!”
Day 1 “Having Fun” Challenge! Tuning into our heart.
Day 2 “Having Fun” Challenge!! Keeping it simple.

Day 3 Having Fun Challenge – Reconnecting back to our inner child again!
Having Fun Day 4 – Finding the joy in everyday tasks and making it pleasurable in a healthy way!
Having Fun Day 5- Sometimes it’s about planning our relaxation to sit back and have fun!
This video is about how I cultivate feeling safe within myself. Hope it inspires you to do the same!!

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